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Lead generation is the process of finding people (leads) who’re likely to become your customers immediately or in the future.

Are you good at persuading and influencing people with your communication skills? Yes! India Online Business brings you a tremendous platform where you can use your skills to make money online. India Online Business is looking for students who are not only good at persuading and influencing, but also honest, genuine and knowing their subject.


If you are a student, if you want to earn money, if you want to follow your dreams in an ideal age then we are here for you. We think you have a question, “How we can earn money from home?”! Right?

Here we want to explain you about our process. In this process you need to sign up on our portal “India Business Online.” India Business Online will provide you a complete dashboard for lead generation and web application for tracking tasks. You will be provided various prospects and their relevant details. You have to use “questioning techniques” to lead people towards the answers we want.


Our team has developed a comprehensive web application for lead generation. The lead generation web application created for the purposes such as e-newsletter list acquisition, list building, or for sales leads. All you have to contact the qualified prospects for generating sales and orders.

India Online Business partners will provide extensive lead generation web application to the start-ups and their business partners. You need to educate your target audience through a carefully planned telemarketing services.


If you generate and meet the agreed quality criteria, you will get the fee, regardless of how many calls you have made. Take advantage of our win-win partnership to generate positive ROI from day one. It takes some upfront training and management to get results. India Online Business provide you telemarketing training also.

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We thought a lot and discussion with more people before selecting any business idaes because we wanted the perfect outcomes. India online business is the right selection for us.

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