Customer Acquisition Services

India Online Business assists your start-up business with innovative and pioneering customer acquisition services that integrate both offline and online marketing strategies. Our marketing experts use multichannel to increase your products sale and visibility. Our expertise and integrated approach to customer acquisition can energize your marketing campaign and give you the edge in the competitive marketplace. India Online Business will also assist you in grasping new opportunities in your business niche with advanced customer acquisition services.

  • Our team will identify prospects and leads that turn into active customers
  • Development of consumer and business-to-business leads and prospects
  • Shooting direct e-mails for quick response time
  • Advanced programs that build leave the marks in your target market
  • Promote your business services and products to direct consumers by Email
  • Email lists for Business-to-business promotion

Backed by 10 years of solid lead generation service experience, India Online Business provides detailed data and in-depth target market research to increase your business revenue. Our customer acquisition service facilitates you with the most advanced consumer targeting and marketing; that jump-start your start-up business’ reputation and branding efforts. Let India Online Business introduce your service or product to the market through our customer acquisition services.

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How to Optimize Customer Acquisition with Big Data

Map Customer Behavior to Customer Segmentation

The first thing I do is I take my customer behavior model and I map it into a customer segmentation model. I do this based on the lifetime value that these customers will bring for me, not based on the next transaction they’re going to bring to me. This will allow me to target the right customers that can maximize the long term value and spend they bring to me. Then once I have this segmentation, it gives me all the right attributes and outcomes that allow me to drive the four key areas of customer acquisition.

1. Optimize Channnel Strategy

The first thing I want to do is better optimize my channel strategy. I want to better understand where can I find the best prospects that meet the profile that I want. By better understanding this, I can target the right channels which will increase my conversion rates and also reduce the amount of money I need to spend to acquire those customers.

2. Map Behavior to Outcomes

Secondly, I’m going to map behavior to outcomes to best find the right offers that these prospects will respond to. This allows me to give them the right in-the-moment offer which will help increase conversions rates.

3. Map Behavior Across Touch Points

Then third, I’m going to map behavior across all the various touch points and interaction points I have with customers so I can map the overall customer journey that they take. Therefore I can see where I am being most effective in walking them down this journey, and where I may have lost them along the way so I can best optimize my path to purchase.

4. Create Predictive Models

Then lastly, I’m going to take some of this behavior data and create predictive models. Using these predictive models I can identify the prospects that are most likely to purchase from me and I can spend more time focusing my effort on acquiring these customers that are most valuable to me.

In conclusion, we can see that customer behavior permeates throughout the entire customer acquisition process, right? It allows you to find where you can find the right customers and how you can present the right offer to particular customers to better convert them. In addition it enables you to ask, what is the right journey or path you need to lead customers down to best convert them? And lastly, which customers will bring you the most value?

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